Thursday, February 18, 2010

Get Delighted

Okay, so I am new to the world of blogging. I have tried to avoid the social sites that suck you into their world, because I don't have enough time as it is. Well every year I come up with a new CHRISTmas theme, and this year i have said on more than one occassion, " I wish there was a way for me to start a tree decorating company so I could showcase every theme that I have in my book." My daughter told me to decorate the trees, take pictures and put them on the internet. Sounds great,right? Except we don't have a camera. So I just filed that idea away. Well upon surfing the ne, looking for crafts to make for CHRISTmas, I happened upon ruffles and stuff. If you click on the "blogs that I follow" from her page, & keep clicking from there, you will find some really great pages. WEll I found one that did not have any pictures, but some really great content! (forgive me, I have lost her page. I will find it though) And so a blog was born! I just love how very creative you all are! I want to say Thank you! and Where were you when I was younger & had craft supplies at my fingertips?

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