Monday, May 24, 2010

Domestic Life

so what is it about clothes hanging on a line that makes me feel like a real housewife who lives in the country?
initially when my husband told me to start using the clothesline i felt rather…put out.
i thought to myself, "easy for you to say. you aren't the one that has to lug the clothes over there in the hot sun.
i was doing just fine, saving money even, washing & drying our clothes at night. plus i could take my time & take care of this while the boy is sleeping."
but, i gotta tell you, i find it rather rewarding. i still hate lugging the clothes over to the line in the heat of the day, but it is so sweet to look out & see little clothes blowing in the breeze. plus i feel like a housewife from days ago.
i used to be one of those women who would say that i can do anything a man can do. GOD has been doing a work in my heart. since i decided to commit my life to GOD He has been showing who i am. who He has created me to be, what my purpose is. once i asked GOD is all that i was going to be is a mom? i was so screwed up. i wanted to feel validated. i wanted to think that i was important like everyone else. i feel to the pressure that my current fiancée was placing on me. conventional views say that you haven't made it in this life until you become someone... until you graduate from such & such with ____________degree & work for__________________ company in _______________ position. but that is not at all what GOD says. GOD bless those who are following their hearts are the vice president of Abc company. but that isn't what GOD wants from us, He wants us to act as if our hearts belong to Him & we have sought out what plans He has for us Proverbs 16:3 says{Commit your actions to the Lord,
and your plans will succeed. & Psalm 37:5 tells us Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him, and he will help you.} at all times we are to act as if our work matters. even the little things, not because of the honor & critique we may receive from others or superiors but because Colossians 3:23 says {Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.}
be blessed where you are & know that GOD loves you always


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Here is what the pretty frame shows...

at the start of 2010, i began the 21 day fast with the free chapel church. i had decided that i wanted more of GOD and i would do whatever it took! every year i change my CHRISTmas theme and this year was going to be victorian. i must admit that i was looking forward to it. it has been 2 years in the making. however, somewhere in the middle of the fast i ran into a  statement about JESUS becoming the KING of my life, starting right now. i thought that i was ready, but i didn't know that it would be this hard! i don't regret my decision to follow CHRIST, but i was wondering if anyone else felt the same way? i know that there are people out there with much bigger problems, i just wanted to share this with my brothers & sisters in CHRIST.
( i have been meaning to print the frame info for a while now, sorry it took so long! :)))

first tastes of summer

yesterday was a most wonderful day! the hubby came inside & asked if i thought that it was too hot to go pick berries. "no, of course not." if i had known what i was getting into, i might have
declined been more joyful about joining him. seriously, it turned out to be a very fun chore. the hubby, the boy, & I trekked to the pasture next to us & began our hunt. the bushes were loaded! Initially the boy was enjoying the bumpy ride in his stroller, but after the first hour or so i think he was over it. He might have bee more pleasant if we had allowed him to get out of the stroller but we weren't sure who the winner would be between boy & wild bush with thorns. finally after forcing us to feed him 100 or so fresh blackberries, he convinced us that it was time for a nap. i think the tell-tale sign was the bit of poo that was coming out of his pull-up & his shorts. after showering the boy, laying him down & returning to my picking, hubby & i yielded a huge harvest of 5pounds or more!!

guess what we did with that bountiful harvest? i made the blackberry cobbler that hubby has been asking for over the past year. i am so very proud! i think that i just might have the hang of this country life thing!

here's what i wish my cobbler looked like,
(image from,28548,1919650_1928713,00.html,28548,1919650_1928713, but it actually looked more like this with an island of crust. if i had to, i could always spoon out the liquid for a superb jam!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

another great Confection Connection!!!!!

i just love Confection Connection Tuesdays, it is so awesome! there is something so wonderful about being in a room with 60+ plus women who love JESUS! whwnever i am there i fell great, but i also have this sense that there is something so simple but so essential missing from my other 3 weeks out of the month. there is nothing like fellowship. i know that you don't a church to introduce to a relationship with CHRIST, but being a part of The Body of CHRIST is what life is all about. it is here that you can find people that are walking the walk just like you are. the struggles may not be entirely the same, but everyone of us struggle. this is where we support one another & encourage each other when we feel as if we just can't go on any further. it ois also here in The Body of CHRIST that we are most relaxed, we find freedom to be ourselves, to learn & grow. to find a way to take what is in ourselves & share it with others.