Wednesday, May 12, 2010

another great Confection Connection!!!!!

i just love Confection Connection Tuesdays, it is so awesome! there is something so wonderful about being in a room with 60+ plus women who love JESUS! whwnever i am there i fell great, but i also have this sense that there is something so simple but so essential missing from my other 3 weeks out of the month. there is nothing like fellowship. i know that you don't a church to introduce to a relationship with CHRIST, but being a part of The Body of CHRIST is what life is all about. it is here that you can find people that are walking the walk just like you are. the struggles may not be entirely the same, but everyone of us struggle. this is where we support one another & encourage each other when we feel as if we just can't go on any further. it ois also here in The Body of CHRIST that we are most relaxed, we find freedom to be ourselves, to learn & grow. to find a way to take what is in ourselves & share it with others.

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